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Throughout our 100-year history, two things have remained constant: In OPSEU, you have the backing of a team of professional staff with expertise in many specialties.

They have solid technical knowledge and the creativity required to bring innovative thinking to the challenges that face us.

UK primary care physicians are required to follow authoritative endorsed guidelines as part of their terms of service.

The major influence on the management of erectile dysfunction in primary and secondary care between 19 has been Department of Health "guidance on good practice," a non-evidence-based document, essentially defining patients who qualify for government-funded treatment.

The "dragon" is rumoured to look rather like a game of zoological "consequences", possessing the body of a crocodile, the neck of a giraffe and the head of a horse with three horns.

Less fantastically, the team's leader, Richard Freeman of the Centre for Fortean Zoology, suspects the ninki-nanka of being a species of colossal monitor lizard.

As you read this, a small group of intrepid, pink-nosed Brits are creeping through the Gambian jungle, dodging crocodiles and cobras, in the hope of spotting the legendary "ninki-nanka".

Patient-reported sexual activity, satisfaction with sexual activity (Male Sexual Health Questionnaire), and treatment expectations; urologists' subjective assessment of the importance given by their patients to ED; the timing they propose for starting ED treatment.Feedback and approval of all sections between panel members was facilitated by the chairman.Source information was obtained from peer reviewed articles, meetings and presentations.Like any living organization, OPSEU has its own history, structure, vocabulary, and way of doing things.Like any effective organization, OPSEU also changes in response to changing times, changing technology, and changing workplaces.

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