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If you think this sounds too distracting, you may be better off going on non-food related dates until you and your date get to know each other better.However awkward you may feel about your braces, we're willing to bet your date isn’t half as concerned about them as you are.But the woman was not the only victim of the suspect – police have linked the same suspect to three similar cases in the Metro Vancouver area, going back to 2011.Have you tried all the traditional ways to find someone special in British Columbia?The investigation is still active and since charges have not yet been laid, the suspect’s name will not be released at this time.

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The suspect, who answered a Coquitlam woman's online ad, Jan.If you’re out for a meal, choose a braces-friendly meal.Check your braces throughout the evening as well to make sure you’re in the clear.If you really don't think you can deal with the obvious look of traditional braces, there are a variety of less conspicuous orthodontic treatment options available for teens and adults: Invisalign clear plastic aligners are almost invisible when worn, and you can take them out while you eat.UPDATE: Thanks to the quick work of the public, media and the RCMP, the suspected online fraudster has been identified.

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