At least, that's what PETA -- the organization created to remind you that animals are people -- would like.For, never fond of being retiring, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has launched its brand, um, spanking, new site.She was believed to be the first woman to be banged up behind bars, following China's tough new stand against internet pornography.Three weeks ago China's Supreme People's Court and Supreme People's Procuratorate ruled that anyone caught running a porn site faced life imprisonment.Welcome to The Classic Porn , your home for rare 80s smut and beyond!A 22-year-old Chinese computer student has been jailed for four years for running a porn site.State media reports that the student - known only by his surname Xie - was arrested in July for flogging XXX flicks.


China has mounted a major crackdown on adult websites,with officials claiming that the rampant increase in online porn is damaging the moral fabric of the nation - and young people in particular.

However, I feel sure that some will feel a little perturbed at what they see on clicking tags like "Hardcore Videos" and "Sex Tips" -- though it is heartening to know that nuts and pumpkin are beneficial to sexual performance.

(It doesn't say roast beef isn't, though.) Some will surely be moved by Jenna Jameson railing against the mere concept of a Happy Meal that involves a chicken.

PETA has also launched other shocking campaigns in recent months.

One ad spot compared human abuse to the silent suffering of fish, explaining, "Fish feel pain and fear, and they suffer enormously when they are impaled, crushed, suffocated, or cut open and gutted, all while they're fully conscious." The organization also recently sued Sea World in an attempt to free the animals "from enslavement for human amusement." The case was dismissed by a judge.

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