Fact operating pc shocking system updating

In fact, you only have one year from the day it was launch to take on the free offer after that you'll have to pay to upgrade.

However, since Windows 10 became available to the public, not everyone has had a good experience.

In the beginning of its operation, Skype virus emerged as a Bitcoin mining malware.

Because of that, sometimes it is referred to as the Bitcoin virus.

Besides the active distribution, the virus mutates rapidly – it employs different techniques used to infect users and acts differently once it manages to hack the account.Today I decided to find out what exactly they are doing, so I played dumb, sounded very concerned at all times, and went along with the whole process while taking notes, just so I could raise awareness here.In the UK you can report problems to – they may be able to assist, but most importantly if you get the name of the company, website details and telephone number, reporting them may actually lead to some action being taken against them – hopefully!I have had another call today from a company doing the same scam, i.e. This time I said that it was OK and that my computer was working fine, thanks.They asked if I have an antivirus, and I said that I did.

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