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In an interview, Julie Adams recalled that swimming for long periods in frigid water was one of the most challenging parts of making the film.

For most of production, the water tank used for most of Adams' swimming scenes was heated; however, the crew forgot to heat the tank prior to filming on a particularly chilly day.

Bring her flowers if you will, but give her this little book to treasure.

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Pat Murphy, who both speaks and draws with an Irish lilt, is based in Belfast. It says in so many ways and in just as many wry paintings that the small stuff is sometimes big. This is a book for a man to give to a special someone in his life.The delegates gathering this weekend for the 16th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico, must surely be aware of the delicious irony in their choice of location.Cancun was created out of a remote swamp in the Yucatan peninsula 40 years ago.

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