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Like the Pilgrims, the English Puritans believe that the Church of England is corrupt.Unlike the Pilgrims, they do not break with the church, but remain a part of it.

The reference relates to sulphate and iron reduction as early forms of microbial respiration.

) 13,800,000,000 (13.8 billion) years ago The creation of the universe according to present estimates of "big bang" - "Stephen Hawkings and others...

estimate between 18 and 11 billion with 13.8 being the closest estimation".

The 20th-century German Bible critic, Theodor Noldeke asserted that "The whole story of Sodom and Gomorrah is unhistorical and comparatively late in origin." J.

Maxwell Miller of Emory University boldly claims, "These narratives of Sodom and Gomorrah are purely products of the storyteller's art, which of course raises serious questions about their usefulness for historical reconstruction." John H. Maxwell Miller, confirms Professor Miller's belief. [1] Are the assertions of these skeptics based on facts or are they merely the distorted opinions of non-believers?

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